TEAS - Gaushala, a shelter home for
stray cows & cattle

TEAS- GAUSHALA, a Shelter home for stray cows & Cattle.

The objectives of the project is to rescue cows & cattle from being slaughtered, ensuring to provide medical facilities, shelter home and food with proper care to stray & nomadic cows & cattle on the street.

About the Project

Around 5 million stray and nomadic cows are living in India. Gaushala facilitates the prevention of cruelty against cows at the end of their life. Many of us believe that cows naturally produce milk for human consumption. However, like all mammals, cows produce milk to feed their own young. Calves are deprived of their share of milk. Newly born male calves are largely unwanted. They are sent to slaughter, or sent out to fend for themselves. Or they are tied to a pole and allowed to die slowly of starvation. Cows are subjected to daily oxytocin injections causing excruciating labor-like pains, in the hope of increasing the milk flow. Cattle are left to roam and find food themselves. They feed on roadside garbage supplemented with some feed by their owners. Many die prematurely from stomachs obstructed by plastic bags. Milking machines, if used, cause injuries and bleeding of the udder. They occasionally give electric shocks causing considerable discomfort, fear and impaired immunity, sometimes leading to death.

We at TEAS- Gaushala, prevent the cows from being slaughtered, smuggled,  rescued these cows & cattle, organize pickup from road accidents and provide them with shelter, Medicare Facilities & Foods .

Expected Deliverables

  • Rehabilitation and general welfare of uneconomic, weak, infirm, debilitated stray cattle.
  • To prevent loss of agriculture crops by stray cows & cattle.
  • To minimize the physical harm posed to general public by these cows & cattle.
  • To prevent road accident and and avoiding loss of lives and property destruction. 
  • To prevent untimely death of cows & cattle due to ingestion of polythene and other municipal garbage.
  • Holistic Development of Gaushala.

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