Project wash (water sanitation & hygiene) supported by unicef.

Project wash (water sanitation and hygiene) supported by unicef.

Project WASH was to be implemented in district Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh. Tarai Environment Awareness Samiti (TEAS) lead the project operation in support of UNICEF. total 68 Primary and Upper Primary Schools were selected in Balrampur and Sridutganj Block. 
The main concept was to bring the regularity of Hand washing among the children, maintain hygiene, so that dropout rates of children can also be decreased.
WASH in schools focuses on the standards for the promotion of a clean and safe school environment & correct hygiene and sanitation practices among learners. Reduces morbidity and mortality among schoolchildren that stem from poor hygiene and sanitation practices and the lack of safe water and sanitation facilities.

About the Project

The project was carried in Balrampur district, Block Balrampur & Sridutganj Block. Uttar Pradesh During a baseline survey by Tarai Environment Awareness Samiti it was found that 124 Primary School and Upper Primary School of the two blocks were lacked with WASH infrastructure, low rate in children participation, a large number of dropouts, dysfunctional toilets and much more a lack of awareness in the children and their families as well.
Project involves several activities to be covered through which the children of the schools were has to be aware about the importance of WASH.
In the selected schools Tarai Environment Awareness Samiti (TEAS) carried out the various activities of educating children, on WASH. TEAS organized school level awareness campaign in which the project officer Mr. Alok Kumar Mishra and Miss. Akansha Tiwari educate, empower the children about the importance of hand washing, cleaning, proper use of toilets, Hand wash before and after meal etc. 
During the project Child Cabinet from every school were formed, and the members of child cabinet were given with the roles and responsibilities to regularize the proper WASH practice.  Also a awareness program was carried out under which the students were aware, educated how the can clean and keep the school campus clean to avoid any type of disease, also how the practicing WASH services in school contribute positive positively to children health, education and over all well being. At the end it was found that 60 Schools out of 124 were marked as Model Schools with proper WASH facilities. 

Expected Deliverables

  • Decrease in number of dropouts.
  • Improved WASH Infrastructure in School.
  • Regular Hand Washing Practice before and after Meal.
  • Maintaining Hygiene among the children.
  • Decrease in number of waterborne disease like Cholera, Typhoid etc.
  • Proper supply of Drinking Water.

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