PROJECT SANGH, TEAS initiative on menstrual health & hygiene.

Project SANGH, TEAS initiative on menstrual health & Hygiene.

Menstruation is popularly associated with misconception and taboo practices which have an adverse effect on the wellbeing of women and girls. Menstruating women are seen as contaminating and impure. Lives of women and girls are subject to a number of restrictions during menses. Practice related to menstruation hygiene are of major concern as it has a health impact; if neglected; it leads to toxic shock syndrome, reproductive tract infections (RTI) and other vaginal disease.
Tarai Environment Awareness Samiti (TEAS) program officer used to conduct, session and workshops with the tribal women’s and adolescents girls creating awareness breaking taboos encouraging them to talk and share, providing them with the sanitary pads (SANGH KIT) educating them about its benefits and bringing it to their regular practice.

About the Project

It is found that the tribals are the shyest in nature, and when it comes to health they are superstitious too. In a general survey conducted by Tarai Environment Awareness Samiti (TEAS) in Maldunge Gram Panchayat, of Panvel Tehsil, Raigadh district, Maharashtra. 
It was found that almost all the women of the village all suffering from a lack of awareness in Menstrual Hygiene Management, which is going to be a serious issue for their health one day.
Creating awareness among the community of 4210 women and adolescent girls. TEAS initiative SANGH is for improving young women’s, adolescent girls’ health, nutritional status, well-being as well as their enrolment and retention in schools. Working to train girls, women, and community members about menstrual health management to keep then aware and rise above unhealthy practices, to help girls stay in school and to equip them with the right information.
To get this done a comprehensive social and behavior change communication strategy was implemented to address issues of the menstrual hygiene management. This was implemented wherein a pack of sanitary napkins called “SANGH-KIT” is being provided to rural women and adolescent girls. Convincing monthly meetings at the Anganwadi Centers, schools or other such platforms for adolescent girls to focus on issue of menstrual hygiene and also serve as a platform to discuss other relevant issues.
Using a 360-degree approach to create awareness among adolescent girls about safe & hygienic menstrual health practices which includes audio, video, and reading materials for tribal women and adolescent girls.

In rural areas many girls and women lack adequate knowledge of reproductive health in general and menstrual hygiene in particular, leaving them susceptible to myths and misconceptions, to fill this gap, TEAS female social workers, community health workers, and peer educators working to provide education at informal knowledge sharing session, formal workshops, schools, and village meetings. At SANGH training them to educate school girls on menstrual hygiene; it also organise school health clubs. How to use pads and the best disposable ways are taught.



Expected Deliverables

The objective of the scheme is to empower and to built up confidence among minority women, including their neighbours from other communities living in the same village/locality, by providing knowledge, tools and techniques for interacting with Government systems, banks and other institutions at all levels.

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