Project - Jagriti, providing children a way out begging


Project Jagriti – is an initative of Tarai Environment Awareness Samiti (TEAS), started on 2nd of October, 2021. Aims to stop child labor, bring children  off the street and into schools, providing them with meal and education.

About the Project

The pandemic had its plus points. One of them was the silence on the roads, without its noisy traffic, exhaust fumes and ear-piercing horns. But all of this is ‘back to normal’ now and along with it, at certain traffic light junctions in India’s metros, beggars seeking alms.
Education is the first step to gain knowledge, critical thinking, empowerment and skill needed to make this world a better place. Education is the only key to the door of all dreams.
On Gandhi Jayanthi, October 2, 2021, We at TEAS launched an initiative “Project Jagriti” to urgently get these child beggars off the streets and into schools.  
The children are provided two meals a day, counselled about the benefits of education, given books and stationery to attend ‘bridge’ classes for literacy and numeracy under the, before being helped with admission into the nearest government schools.
We aim to provide more than 25,000 such children by the end of 2023.
All this costs just Rs. 6,500 for one child for a month. 
We alone can’t do it alone and require every bit of help we can give to ensure that children begging at traffic lights can win back their basic right to food and education. We request you to be a part of our mission, please donate generously. Every single penny counts. Your contribution can feed a child and support education. 

Expected Deliverables

Project Jagriti aims to provide meals to children on the street, involved in child labor, as this is the basic needs of survival which let them involve in begging or child labor.
Providing them with the meal we counsel them with the importance of education and encourage them to join “Bridge Course” where we provide them with the basic literacy and numeracy before being helped with admission into the nearest government schools.

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