Empowering everyone to achieve large scale positive change, through capacity building, leadership development, infrastructure management, technological promotion, developing the local resources in producing the best gain for all.


To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to realize their potential.A community free from ‘exploitation and dsicrimination’. To create opportunity, growth & impact in every community and country around the globe.


Mr. Kasim Ali and Mr. Ajai Kumar Mishra, two community leaders, teamed together over a handful of years ago to serve the district of Balrampur which was in impoverished, unskilled, as well as in poor state . Together, they formed Tarai Environment Awareness Samiti, an NGO committed to work for the communities and involve them in the creation of a sustainable environment .

TEAS help in plugging out the gap in the government’s programmes and reach out to people from different sections of society who are often left untouched by state projects especially in rural areas. For example, providing aid to migrant workers in Covid-19 crisis. We try to engage, collaborate and cooperate  in diverse activities, relating to human and labour rights, gender issues, healthcare, environment, education, disaster management , development process etcetera. 

We act as a social mediator which involves an intervention at different levels of society by various agents to change social and behavioural attitudes within the prevailing social environment for achieving desired results of change in society.


Education for poor children, healthcare for families, skills, training and livelihood for youth and community engagement through women empowerment is our primary concern

Promoting education, particularly among weaker sections of the population. The education of girls, and other deprived people, particularly the SCs and STs, has been our target objective.

We help in providing relief materials, involvement in rescue operations, arranging temporary shelters; organize health camp and developing communication facilities

Protecting dignity of women by protecting women, transgender, tribals suffering from gender discriminations, racial and religious discriminations.

Ensure the social development which essentially involves the equal participation of the people. We play an important role in educating and motivating people to flight for their rights

We work to awaken people and governments against environmental degradation and depletion of resources. Building institutional capacity and facilitating independent dialogue with civil society to help people live more sustainable lifestyles

Fulfilling health and social needs of groups like women, elderly and vulnerable and performing preventive health programs


Tarai Environment Awareness Samiti, an NGO registered under the society act of registration 1860 under 12-A and 80(G) tax exemption. We are proud to announce that our organization has successfully organized programs, implemented projects with the grant support of the Government of India, from the different Ministries, State Government of Uttar Pradesh, UN bodies like UNICEF, Foreign Organization like PATH Foundation, Barnfonden, European Union and more. The activities have been carried out in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra benefiting over  5 Lakhs beneficiaries since 1996.


TEAS is committed to respond to the community needs identified by enhancing the knowledge, skills and values of staff, volunteers and partners and improving institutional policies and systems.It is governed by a Board of directors who manage , monitor, inspect and regulate the disbursement of funds.This is how we ensure the accountability and transparency .

Whistle blower policy

Tarai Environment Awareness Samiti (TEAS) whistle-blowing policy is intended to encourage and enable employees to raise serious concerns within the organization .The whistleblower will be protected against any act of persecution.

Code of Ethics:

We are committed to comply strictly with principles and human rights law.

We are accountable to those whom we seek to assist, to those providing the resources, and to legal authorities.

We are transparent in our dealings with the government and community partners, the public, donors and other interested parties.

We develop and maintain sound procurement and financial policies, audits, and systems in order to manage our accounts.

We work with the poor and marginalized people and not on any political, or religious issues.

We seek to assist people and communities to solve their own problems. We encourage and enable the development of self reliance and advance the right of people to fully participate in decisions that affect their lives.

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