No One has ever become poor by Giving

It sees people as being able to move forward in a lifelong self-actualization process or fulfill potential in social functioning.


Tarai Environment Awareness Samiti, also known as TEAS, follows a social development and welfare model approach which focuses on balanced growth. Rural India , in many ways, is the most diverse part of the planet. As the Indian countryside rushes through an excruciating transformation, accessibility to the resources disappears, leaving most of the population in a more impoverished state. TEAS is a medium that helps to cover the unbalanced growth by joining hands with the government and serving people at the grassroots levels.

Our aim to create “ A world of equality, coexistence and social justice, where people are protected and live with dignity in every nook and corner.”


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Our Work

Its main objective is to work for major sustainable rural development programs, agricultural programs, health programs, human resource development programs, community development by bringing a positive change.

TEAS in India directly benefit about more than 5lac beneficiaries, including vulnerable sections of the population, including women, children, tribals, orphans, Entrepreneurs, SHG Groups, Anganwadi workers, and farmers in villages for their social upliftment.

Core Values

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